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I’m Dr. Leila Linntoya Jarrett
Marriage & Family Therapist
from Connecticut

Several years experience working through milestones, helping individuals and couples to manage relationship issues, and treating anxiety and depression. Additionally experience managing trauma and supporting individuals experiencing mild symptoms related to mental illness.

  • Family Problems

  • Breakups

  • Life Transitions

  • Family Conflict

  • Marital and Premarital

  • Attachment Disorders


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Magical Therapy for Magical People

Occasionally we need help navigating through life’s many transitions. We may require assistance working through a current issue; for instance loss of a job, processing a new milestone such as a child or parent transitioning in or out of the home, or preparing for our next steps when severing ties or engaging in a new relationship

Our role is to provide you with support as you understand your life transition and you work through change. Together we will learn new strategies to promote a more fulfilling life.

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Navigate the complexities of dating and relationships with our expert guidance. Our dedicated therapists offer invaluable insights and practical tools to help you build meaningful connections and foster healthy relationship dynamics.

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Unlock your true potential and cultivate a positive self-image with our transformative self-esteem counseling. Our compassionate therapists provide a supportive environment to address deep-rooted insecurities, develop self-compassion, and build confidence.

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Nurture the well-being of your children and strengthen family bonds with our specialized kids and family psychology services. Our skilled psychologists create a safe and nurturing space for children to express themselves, resolve conflicts, and thrive.

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Unlock your full potential in life and career with our comprehensive counseling services. Our experienced counselors provide guidance, support, and practical tools to help you navigate important life decisions, explore career paths, and achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

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